Education workshops

Staying Safe refresher driving workshops

Had your licence for decades but never refreshed your Road Code knowledge?

Feeling unsettled because you have a medical coming up to renew your licence?

Curious about what all these changes to road layout and signs mean?

We run FREE classroom–based driving refresher workshops, which provide information about all of this. Our workshops were developed and are funded by Waka Kotahi (NZTA) and Age Concern NZ.

Topics covered include:

  • Keeping safe: thinking about your driving safety to build your confidence and commitment to driving safely.
  • Being safe: to build your knowledge of safe driving skills and commitment to using them.
  • Safe journeys: managing road situations to improve your knowledge and confidence of managing road situations..
  • Keep moving safely: safe alternatives to driving.

For details of when the next workshop is phone us on 06 355 2832.

Life without a Car workshops

For many people, driving is a means of independence, social connection to family and friends and access to essential services. The thought of not being able to drive fills many of us with dread.

We deliver 2-hour workshops that enable you to plan and explore alternative transport options to enable you to overcome the feelings associated with stopping driving and enable you to maintain a social and active lifestyle.

We want you to keep enjoying shopping, getting outdoors, visiting friends, attending appointments, and going on holiday despite no longer driving. Adjusting to life without a car doesn’t mean losing independence and freedom. 

We run 2-hour workshops to groups. If your group would like a workshop phone us on 06 355 2832 to book. If there is sufficient interest we will run Life without a Car workshops at our office.